About Lina So

Lina So is a Asian-American Actress, Writer, & Host in Los Angeles. Her theatrical debut was in "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" opposite Adam Sandler.

With an extensive resume from Lexus, MSN, to Sony, Lina has had her share of entertainment with over 15 years in front of the camera. She has had an incredible time writing, producing, & starring in their award winning passion project "Anita Ho" with her husband, & says this was her biggest accomplishment yet. Lina holds an MBA from Mount St. Mary's College & is an advocate for children, education, & women's rights. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, & MBA Women International.

Screen Actors Guild AFTRA | CIO MBA Women International
Client Testimonials

“Lina delivers performance! She is smart, organized, gets things moving, & gets things done. One thing that sets her apart is how committed she is to whatever she sets her mind to. I would highly recommend her for any project or organization that wants a boost! I would highly recommend Lina. She has the ability to organize tough projects & get things done. Her trustworthiness & enthusiasm is refreshing. She has a huge network of professional relationships with people who love working with her & trust her.”

~ CEO of Lanmark Consulting

“Lina is a very passionate professional who is bright, driven & dedicated. As a leader, she has the charisma that inspires & draws people to follow & work together with her. As a person, I know & see Lina as someone who is courageous, compassionate & committed to the things & values she believes in.”

~ CEO, Imuarock International

“During my tenure in Governor Schwarzenegger's Office, I regularly met Lina in the same circles in the non-profit & business community gatherings. Lina often hosted some of these events & she has the wonderful ability to bring out the best in people. In her current role in education, Lina has inspired myself & my colleagues in government to reassess our educational system & a systematic change must happen or else America is in serious trouble of having an uneducated workforce. It is her tireless efforts to take advantage of her entertainment network to encourage A-list celebrities to bring forth the message of change in education."

~ Alexander Kim, Deputy Director - LA Office, Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - State of California

“Not only her beauty but her charisma, Charm & her business savvy makes Lina a triple threat. A great actor, A great spokesmodel & A Great Business Woman. Not only she is very talented but Her hard work & dedication to the film & modeling industry makes it easier to work with & for Lina. Look for Lina in the future to be one of the most successful business women in the Entertainment business.”

~ Writer & Director of Thorns from a Rose

“Lina is a superstar. We worked with her to create an infomercial. She possesses a charismatic & photogenic presence on camera that is very hard to find. Oh yeah, she can sing & dance. More importantly, she was very professional, personable & punctual.”

~ Stephen Christopher Liu, CEO & Founder of APEX/Privy

“Lina is a very poised spokesperson, perfect for leading & managing a large event. She displays a sense of youthful energy yet has the maturity to adjust to a last minute change in plans. She is the kind of person that finds a way to achieve a goal, both with decorum & grace.

~ Julian Chan, Founder of COO

“Big heart, big talent.”

~ Teddy Zee, Executive Producer of Hitch

“Lina is a pleasure to work with. She was always willing to take instruction positively & open to suggestion. Working with Lina is something I would definitely do again. If anyone wants a professional that can do it right the first time, Lina should be your first call.”

~ Daniel Wong, PM at Pacific Technology Solutions

“I selected Lina as one of the models for our E3 booth last year. She represented our Karaoke Revolution booth, as one of the "Karaoke Revolution Glee" cheerleaders, & she did an exceptional job in demonstrating the game, talking with press, driving traffic, modeling, the list goes on...! We were all very impressed with her work & I would highly recommend her for any project she is considered for. Very professional & easy to work with!”

~ Christine Catle, Br& Manager of Konami Corporation

“Lina So is an outstanding spokes model & brand ambassador. I've worked with her on many occasions, & her levels of professionalism & attention to detail are unparalleled. Lina takes the time to truly understand the brands she represents, & she only works with companies that she can be truly passionate about."

~ Phil Yeh, VP First American Corps.

“Lina is a very energetic & charismatic hostess/emcee. We had the privilege to have her host a banquet of almost 200 people for us. She was very welcoming & was always on que in terms of keeping the event lively & on schedule. In addition, her personality & friendliness kept the guests attentative & interested. We will definitely hire Lina again.”

~ Ryan Tsui, VP at Mackari Enterprises

“Lina is the consummate professional. My company hired her to help us represent our line of products at an important industry trade show last year & she really helped us elevate our product presentation to another level. She is always upbeat, & engaging, & just a pleasure to be around. She really enjoys talking to the consumers & by putting her personal touch on the product presentation, she really helped us get our corporate message across.

~ Richard LaRocca, Regional Sales Manager at Konami

“Lina was the consummate professional while hosting our event. We were not able to get her a script until the very last minute, but no one in the audience would have been able to tell. She hit all her marks perfectly while her personable speaking style & stage presence kept the audience engaged & entertained. I would definitely hire her again without hesitation.”

~ Howard Chiao, Sr. Director, Product Development at Panache

“Lina is an excellent communicator & represents her clients in a professional & upbeat manner. She articulates her points well & presents function & details in a manner that is easy to understand & compelling at the same time. Lina's presence is electrifying & magnetic. A pleasure to be associated with & to work with."

~ Rick Lorenzi, President of Assembled Products

“Lina So really knows how to draw a crowd at events & on TV programs... & is exceptional with articulating a product's or program's features & benefits so buyers & viewers GET the message. She's personable & professional. I highly recommend Lina for any speaking/ presentations or representing any company.”

~ Robert Brown, VP of Harbor Link Network

“Lina is one of those rare types that have both the charisma & talent to make her excel at what she does. She is exceptional at bringing positive attention to a client's products & services, utilizing her friendly aura & charming personality. Furthermore, these same skills afford her the possibilities to accomplish great things in both acting & modeling, making her an invaluable asset in all things she strives to achieve.”

~ K.Yu, Global Manager of Blizzard Entertainment

“Lina's amazing at leveraging her many industry connections, & is always willing to go the extra-mile to get something done. Lina is completely professional in her work, & is willing to take on extra responsibility & go the extra mile for her clients. She does this all with a terrific & positive attitude that brightens any set or location. I highly recommend Lina.

~ Ian Chin, CEO of Zther

“Lina produced 2 shoots for me in Vegas & did an excellent job on both.. I would recommend her highly to anyone”

~ T. Crobett, Maxim Magazine & XXL



  • Las Vegas weekly (cover/centerfold)
  • Bic Whiteout/People Magazine (national advertisement)
  • Fashion Q Mode (print ad)
  • Silk Fashion Galleries (catalog)
  • April Nicole Swimsuits (calendar)
  • Apartment 107 (flyer)
  • A Wet’n Wild Park (billboard)
  • New York New York (casino patron)
  • Images From Asia (promo card)
  • Hairstyles Magazine (layout)
  • Teen Hairstyles Magazine (featured)
  • Loreal (Natl. Ads)
  • Dusk Magazine (covergirl)
  • Caesars Palace Ad campaign
  • Germ Terminator (Japan ads and infomercial)
  • Turnberry Place/Stirling Club (Natl. ads)
  • ZZ Tops Publicity Ads
  • Coyote Ugly National Billboards
  • Erebuni Aerodynamics International (cover)
  • Stratoshphere Hotel and Casino (billboards)
  • Jane Magazine (feature layout)
  • ESM Magazine (layout)
  • Digital Runway (cover)
  • Lavan Magazine (2 page layout)
  • Wynn Hotel and Casino (campaign)
  • Mandalay Hotel and Casino (campaign)
  • Mirage Noodle Kitchen (campaign)


  • C Spire Business Solutions
  • Pacific Life Insurance (principle + Voice over)
  • What happens in Vegas (principle)
  • Arriva Italian Restraunt (principle)
  • Bellagio Hotel and Casino Spa (principle)
  • Rio Hotel and Casino (principle)
  • Mirage Hotel and Casino (priniple)
  • Coast Resort and Casino (principle)
  • Soul Train (dance regular)
  • Alias (cocktail waitress)
  • CSI (featured dancer)
  • Video 28 (principle)
  • Hyundai (principle)
  • Peoples GMC (principle)
  • Wet’n Wild Water Park (principle)
  • Bebez Hair Salon (principle)
  • Marshall Sylver Show (guest)
  • Riddilin Kids Music Video (principle)
  • Pepsi Japan (principle)
  • Walker Furniture (principle)


  • Todd Tyler Photography
  • Rondell Sheridan Photography
  • Moses Marquez Photography
  • Harvey Butts Photography
  • Rancisco Ballesteros Photography
  • Lynn Henkel of Photo Imaging
  • Ogara Bissel Photography
  • Peter Unomundo Photography
  • Bradley Hebdon Photography
  • Michael Ray of Images From Asia
  • George Powell Photography
  • David Tan of Modfx Intertnational
  • Syd Beckman of EsquirePhotography
  • Darren Walker Photography
  • Claude Dunning Productions
  • David Ida Photography
  • Larry Cantrell Photography
  • Danny Labrador Photography
  • Caroline Mayott of Studio Caroline
  • Bob Delvey Photography
  • Alan Brenner of Aavian Productions
  • Steven Sun Photography
  • John Chennavasin Photography
  • Tomaz Cervantes Photography
  • Barry Austin Photography
  • Walter Jiminez Photography
  • Roger Carter Photography
  • Robert Johnson Photography
  • Ken Robinson Photograpy
  • Jimmy James Photography
  • Darren Walker Photography
  • Bob Banerian Photography
  • Syd Beckman of Esquire Photography
  • Bob Clark Photography
  • Yin Li Commercial Photography
  • Tony Donaldson Photography
  • William Robertson Photography


  • National Hot Rod Association Host // WallStreet.com
  • SEMA Import Auto Salon Host // Apt 107 Livesockets
  • Major Motion Picture Tour Host // Volkswagon
  • Club SoHo Host // Grammy Awards
  • Wall Street Casino Host // Miss Wallstreet.com
  • Club Cadilac Host // Lambda Phi Eplison
  • Click 2 Asia Inc. Host // Apt 107 Community
  • Import Showoff Host // On the Scene Mag.
  • Limelight Productions Host // E - Party Unlimited
  • Grand Avenue Nightclub Host // Butigroove Clothing
  • Tech TV Narrator // G4 Media
  • Light Fair Narrator // Lumux Lighting
  • National Association Broadcasters Narrator // Intelsat
  • LightFair Narrator // Lumux
  • Chevrolet Narrator Vista // Chevrolet
  • Interop Convention Narrator // Boingo Wireless
  • National Beer Association Narrator // Yanjing Beer
  • Night Club & Bas Show Demonstrator // William Grant & Sons
  • Consumer Electronics Show Demonstrator // Creative Labs
  • Consumer Electronics Demonstrator // LG
  • Comdex Convention Demonstrator // Compaq Computers
  • Photo Marketing Association Demonstrator // Sony
  • Con Expo Demonstrator // Volvo
  • Intele-Card Expo Demonstrator // Global Crest
  • Sapphire 2000 Demonstrator // IBM Computers
  • Bon Appetite Sales Assistant // Constellation Wines
  • Wine Spectator Las Vegas Sales Assistant // Constellation Wines
  • Magic Convention Sales Assistant // Ant Indutrial Design
  • Actions Sports Retailers Sales Assistant // Ant Indutrial Design
  • Magic Convention Sales Assistant // Ant Industrial Design
  • National Host Rod Association Spokesmodel // Suzuki
  • Con Expo Spokesmodel // Sandvick
  • ISC West Spokesmodel // Protect
  • Miller Girl Spokesmodel // Miller Brewing Co.
  • National Association Broadcasters Spokesmodel // Intelsat
  • Taste loss Challenge Spokesmodel // Budweiser
  • Centennial Celebration Spokesmodel // Beaulieu Winery
  • Shot Show Spokesmodel // CG Tech
  • NBAAviation Spokesmodel // NBAA
  • Mine Expo Spokesmodel // Sandvick
  • NHRA Spokesmodel // Honeywell
  • AAN Spokesmodel // Pfizer
  • AHR Expo Spokesmodel // Fedder
  • CES Spokesmodel // Polk Audio
  • Internext Expo Spokesmodel // Webmedia
  • SEMA Spokesmodel // Lund International
  • USACI World Finals Spokesmodel // Polk Audio
  • E3 Show Spokesmodel // EA Games
  • WSOP Spokesmodel // Eagles Games/DD Poker
  • Hilton Spokesmodel // Hilton
  • National Products Expo Spokesmodel // Small Planet Foods
  • Night Club and Bar Spokesmodel // Armadale
  • Global Gaming Spokesmodel // Sigma Gaming
  • Showest Convention Spokesmodel // Universal Pictures
  • Internext Expo Spokesmodel // Igallery
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Nine West Group
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Naturalizer
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // NYLA
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Kenneth Cole
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Chinese Laundry
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // BCBG MaxAzria
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Azaleia Shoes
  • Western Shoe Association Shoe Model // Dexter USA
  • Fashion Footwear Association Shoe Model // LEI
  • Fashion Footwear Association Shoe Model // Steve Madden
  • Magic Convention Fashion Model // FUBU
  • Magic Convention Fashion Model // Eti’k Designs
  • Magic Convention Fashion Model // BCBG
  • Bellagio Alzheimer Gala Fashion Model // Cirque de Soeli
  • Redken Symposium Fashion Model // Redken
  • Intl Hair Symposium Fashion Model // Goldwell
  • Paul Mitchell Hairshow Fashion Model // Paul Mitchell
  • Angels on the Fairway Fashion Model // Jenesse Foundation
  • JCK Show Fashion Model // Icelinks
  • WWD Magic Convention Fashion Model // One of a Kind
  • Magic Convention Fashion Model // Cross Colours
  • Magic Convention Fashion Model // Maxim Magazine
  • JCK Show Fashion Model // Magarian Jewels
  • Palms Tournament Hostess // Palm
  • Barry Manilow Show Hostess // Barry Manilow
  • Ryder Cup Hostess // PEP
  • International Food Technologies Hostess // Hershey
  • Rio Golf Tournament Hostess // Rio
  • Club Crystal Hostess // Club Crystal Ent.
  • Caesars Palace Hostess // Roman Princess
  • Superbowl Hostess // Pavillion Cheerleader
  • PGA Tour Narrator // Lexus
  • SEMA Product Specialist // Toyota
  • Cigar Aficionado Product Specialist // Acura/Honda
  • Ford Narrator // Ford Show
  • LA Auto Show Narrator // Lexus
  • Seattle Intl Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Quad Cities Intl Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Anaheim Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Las Vegas Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Chicago Intl Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • St. Louis Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Utah Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Reno Autoshow Narrator // Lexus
  • Colorado Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Portland Auto show Narrator // Lexus
  • Sacramento Auto show Narrator // Lexus


  • Universal Pictures
  • Intelsat NAB
  • Magic Convention
  • Eti’k Designs
  • Comdex
  • Compaq
  • FUBU
  • Chinese Laundry
  • Cross Colours
  • Maxim Magazine
  • BCBG MaxAzria
  • Toshiba
  • Ant Industrial Design
  • E-Party Unlimited
  • Dexter USA
  • Butigroove Clothing Physique Hair
  • Febreze
  • IBM Computers
  • Enkei International
  • Sapphire 2000
  • Extreme Autofest
  • Webmodel Expo
  • Asian Model Expo
  • Yanjing Beer
  • Volvo/Ford
  • Limelight Entertainment
  • Con Expo
  • National Beer Association
  • Spanish Trails
  • Showest
  • Boingo Wireless
  • Stuff Magazine
  • Chevrolet
  • Evowerks
  • Mercedes Benz
  • WLG/F2 Systems
  • NYLA
  • Teleprompter and Ear Prompter Proficient



Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot
Lina So | Headshot


Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling
Lina So | Modeling


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